a Place of Refuge to the community

The heart of the community

Welcome to Zoar

Whether you are a long time member of our church family or someone still looking for a comfortable place to worship, you will love it here! 

What to expect

Zoar United Methodist Church is a small, diverse group of people coming together to share the love of Christ. We have children's ministries, an active youth group, adult and children's Sunday school classes and Bible studies. But the congregation is small enough that no one is ever lost in the crowd. Don't let our small size surprise you though. There is always something going on at Zoar. We have a tradition of active participation in the community.

Music is an important part of every worship service. Adora leads our musicians and singers in new praise music as well as favorite hymns. You’re liable to hear the bass guitar, drums, piano as well as the church organ each Sunday. Through our music, we hope to spread the love of Christ.

how we make community

Don't ask us about our reputation - ask the SE Gwinnett Co-op about the volunteers and food donations that Zoar provides. Ask the school kids who meet in our gym every Wednesday night to play games, share some pizza, and learn a Bible story or two as part of a program we call the Matthew Initiative. Zoar is very active and everyone is invited to participate but no one will put you on the spot or push you into making a commitment until you are ready.

What does Zoar mean

In the book of Genesis, Abraham's nephew Lot and his family escaped the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to settle in a place of refuge called Zoar. We like to think Zoar UMC is a continual place of refuge for our members, our visitors and our community.