Pastor Dexter Grier:

Pastor Grier has just joined the family of Zoar UMC (July 2020).  He and his wife Eleanor are already quite a blessing!  We look forward to many years under the care of this spirit led man.

Jennifer Mullen - Preschool Director/Children’s Ministry

What a blessing she is to the children! Everyone, especially the children – know her by her kind and loving heart. She teaches the children about God’s love for them and how to share His love with all.

Karin Eunice - Preschool/Nursery

Robin Harris - Preschool

Codey Kraushaar - Preschool/Nursery to 2 years

Tina Howell - Guardian of Zoar

Tina has been here quite a while. She loves this church and the church family like her own. Tina will be happy to answer any questions you have about Zoar and help you find your spot here. Tina does everything except Preach and sing – so give her a call if you need any information, to rent the facility, put something in the bulletin – have a prayer request – etc

Amy Watts - Finance

Zoar is so blessed to have Amy on staff! She keeps a keen eye on our financials with the help of the finance team and has helped us grow our mission fund as well as our working fund beyond measure.

Adora Ladisic- Worship Leader

Music is an important part of every worship service.  Adora leads our musicians & singers in new praise music as well as favorite hymns.  You’re liable to hear the bass guitar, drums, piano as well as the church organ each Sunday.  Through our music, we hope to spread the love of Christ.

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