Welcome Zoar has been a beacon to the Centerville/Snellville community for over 200 years! Our purpose is to Learn, Live, and Share the love of God. We are faithful in making that purpose a reality in our community and beyond

Sunday Morning 10:30am

Ask the school kids (4-14) who meet here every Wednesday night to play games, share a light dinner and learn a Bible story or two as part of our programs MidZone and KidZone.

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Living at ZOAR

Have a blast with us on Wednesday evenings with songs, games, worship and Christ-centered teaching.


7:30 until 9pm.

We sing at the 10:30 service each Sunday.

Zoar UMC's student ministries strive to cultivate genuine experiences of worship and connection for youth grades 6th-12th.

The largest organization for women whose mission is to foster spiritual growth, develop leaders and advocate for justice.

Welcoming Christian men of all ages to fellowship with one another and partner in special projects throughout the year.

A social group that consists of 50+year-old Christian adults who are ready for fun and fellowship with activities throughout the year.

Christian-oriented, family-centered, Tae Kwon Do group affiliated with World Tae Kwon Do Federation, Naval Post-Graduate School Tae Kwon Do Association and International Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists.

You are Welcome to Visit...

Worship Services

"If your heart is in the right place, it doesn't really matter how you worship, only THAT you worship." The point is not how we express worship – there is no one flavor of music that is more correct to worship God with, over another. Style is not relevant, but biblical truth is extremely relevant.

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